Shiny and pearly white teeth add to beauty. Hence, Cosmetic Dental Treatment comes to everyone’s mind. Due to development of new technologies in dentistry, various cosmetic dental treatments are available which play an important role in enhancing the appearance of teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry is highly focused towards the modification of the patient's oral cavity appearance and surrounding structures along with appropriate treatment which prevents dental diseases of any sort. Cosmetic dentists or cosmetic surgeons are mainly approached by patients for treatments such as smile makeover, proper alignment of teeth, teeth lightening, reshaping and also teeth restoration. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are almost the same everywhere. Nowadays cosmetic dentistry has become trendy and prominent. Cosmetic dentists make use of composite materials or porcelain in their dental treatments which gives the look and feel of natural teeth. In the past the dental fillings and the tooth resporations were generally made of gold, silver and other metals. Cosmetic treatments are long lasting and boost one’s confidence as the clients tend to look much better than before. Although a remarkable change is noted in everyone after the treatment, clients with healthy teeth and gums already, have an added advantage. It is always recommended to keep a check on your teeth and consult a dentist at the earliest in case you experience pain in your tooth or face any other problem related to your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are an ideal choice for improving your smile and have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity and versatility. As a cosmetic dental procedure, dental veneers create a brighter, whiter smile composed of more perfectly aligned and shapely teeth. Veneers are sometimes placed for cosmetic reasons alone, rather than for necessary health purposes. The translucent quality of today’s porcelain veneers provides a more natural look than what has been available to past generations. This allows a beautiful and natural looking smile. Porcelain material is a perfect solution for the demands of your teeth. Placing custom veneers requires a high degree of technical skill as well as attention to cosmetic detail. Your Practice Name places veneers routinely and designs each case individually to match and enhance the characteristics of each patient’s smile. Despite the cause of unattractive teeth, veneers alone have the ability to solve most, if not all, of your cosmetic concerns regarding your smile and existing teeth. These problems include:

Wear and Tear: Teeth naturally wear down as people age. Older teeth are more likely to have cracks, chips, or an uneven appearance.

Worn Enamel: The thin, hard white substance covering your teeth (enamel) may become worn, dulled, and discolored over time.

Uneven Teeth: Uneven length or width of teeth can be result of teeth grinding or general wear.

Genetics: Certain people may be born with abnormal appearance of teeth or spacing between the teeth that grows wider as they age


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